Rails Scaffold

Scaffolding in Ruby on Rails refers to the auto-generation of a set of a model, views, and a controller usually used for a single database table.
For example, you can auto-generate a ready to use controller, model, and views with a full CRUD ( Create, Read, Update, Delete) web interface for the Story table using the following command:

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Platform Power: Unlocking the Value of Digital Transformation

Marshall Van Alstyne (van-AHL-stin) is a globally-recognized expert on platform strategies and network business models. He is a co-author of the international bestseller, “Platform Revolution: How Networked Markets are Transforming the Economy and How to Make them Work for You."
Van Alstyne’s research has appeared in top journals such as Science, Nature, and Harvard Business Review. His Interviews appear regularly across Bloomberg, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and National Public Radio. He is also a research scientist at MIT and tenured professor at Boston University.

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