Why don’t we add a `lovely` element to HTML?

, <subhead>, <location>, <logo>… It’s not hard to come up with a list of HTML elements that you think would be useful. So, why don’t we?
Bruce Lawson has a look. The conclusion is largely that we don’t really need to and perhaps shouldn’t.
By my count, we now have 124 HTML elements, many of which are unknown to many web authors, or regularly confused with each other—for example, the difference between <article> and <section>. …
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Hey! Chris here, with a big thanks to WordPress, for not just their sponsorship here the last few months, but for being a great product for so many sites I’ve worked on over the years. I’ve been a web designer and developer for the better part of two decades, and it’s been a great career for me.
I’m all about learning. The more you know, the more you’re capable of doing and the more doors open for you, so …
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Top 18 Free CSS3 Resources to Build Fast, Lightweight Websites

Nowadays, when it comes to web design, clients expect a product that is perfect in every manner whether we refer to design, usability, responsiveness, or speed. Many new features came into the world of developers with the introduction to CSS3 to aid them with web designing. Free CSS3-based libraries were also introduced, allowing developers to write less code to get a finished product that satisfied all the needs of their clients. In this article, we shall discuss 18 free CSS3 resources that revolutionized the world of web design and front-end development. 
1. Bootstrap
Twitter Bootstrap is used by almost 4% of websites on the entire internet and among 25% of the top ranked websites. It is the perfect solution if you want to create responsive web pages. With its built-in grid system and lots of other UI components, it is the most reliable CSS3 framework that is worth using.

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