Angular Family Feud Unleashed: Dart vs Typescript

“Your sister is more focused!”, one might hear parents tell their son. “Maybe so, but I am more versatile!”, he’ll fire back while thinking about how serene his life used to be until she came along. A typical sibling rivalry… Unfortunately, many times there appears to be a favorite. Such seemed to be the case with TypeScript and Dart, at least at first. The oldest sibling, JavaScript, also had his feelings hurt.
For a while, Angular, the master of front-end development, was using JavaScript (JS) and TypeScript (TS), but then a new sibling (baptized as “Dart”) was born into the Angular family. Did she appear just to complicate things as many women do? Actually, her idea was to win her parents over completely: she wanted to get rid of her oldest brother at least, but in the end, her folks saw there was room for everyone — they simply needed to be kept separate enough. After all, each one had unique characteristics that made them equally valuable.