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JavaScript Weekly

Issue 324 — March 2, 2017

JavaScript Errors and Stack Traces in Depth
How the call stack works, Error objects, and how and why you can manipulate stack traces.

Lucas Fernandes da Costa

WebAssembly Complete Enough to Deploy, Gets A Logo
The W3C WebAssembly Community Group says the design of WebAssembly is complete enough that browsers can ship it “on by default”. An official logo has also been chosen.


Stanford Trialling JavaScript for Introductory CS Courses
Due to industry shifts and student feedback, Stanford is experimenting with basing its introductory computer science courses around JavaScript instead of Java.

The Stanford Daily

Build awesome realtime features faster with Pusher
Pusher’s hosted API makes it simple to add realtime features to your app like chat, feeds and notifications. Get started for free and scale fast.


A Detailed Introduction To Webpack
Webpack is a powerful tool that bundles your app source code efficiently for use in the browser. There have been many intros but this is another great one.

Joseph Zimmerman

Fable: An F# to JavaScript Compiler
Brings together the F# compiler and Babel to make JavaScript a true backend for F#, a strongly typed, ML-esque language I have a big soft spot for and which you can learn here.

V8 Behind the Scenes: The Tale of TurboFan
The technical behind-the-scenes tale of Turbofan, one of V8’s optimizing compilers.

Benedikt Meurer

A Feature Watch on ECMAScript 2018
Not a lot to see yet, but Axel has done a great job of maintaining similar posts in the past if you want to keep up to date with the latest ES specs.

Dr. Axel Rauschmayer


Senior Front-End Developer at Catawiki (Amsterdam or Assen)Our mission is to make special items available to everyone. We offer a unique opportunity to join our team and improve the experience for millions of our users with an iterative, small-step approach through A/B testing. Catawiki

Software Engineer, Web – Zürich, SwitzerlandCentralway is seeking an experienced programmer to come and join the team. The right candidate will be responsible for building and maintaining high performance web applications with cutting-edge technologies. Centralway Numbrs

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In Brief
Ember Developer? Take Part in the 2017 Ember Community Survey newsMatthew Beale
Kotlin 1.1 Released with JavaScript Support, Coroutines and More news JS is now a fully supported target backend for the language.
A List of 30 JavaScript Conferences Taking Place in 2017 newshello JS
What Makes WebAssembly Fast? tutorialLin Clark
Running Jest Tests Before Each Git Commit tutorialBen McCormick
Using Zones in Angular for Better Performance tutorialPascal Precht
Points To Consider When Upgrading to Vue.js 2.2 tutorialAlligator
How to Sort an Array of Objects in JavaScript tutorialOlayinka Omole
JavaScript’s ‘void’ Keyword tutorialChristoph Michel
A Look at TypeScript 2.2’s ‘object’ Type tutorialMarius Schulz
Using terminal to view test results is a productivity killer. tools It’s like browsing the web in a text-based browser. We deliver test results in realtime to your editor.Wallaby.js  Sponsor
How We Migrated A 200K+ LOC Project to TypeScript and Survived storyKleo Petrov
Converting A Large React Codebase From CoffeeScript to ES6 storyChristian Schlensker
An (Opinionated) Map to Modern JavaScript Development opinionSantiago de León
eslint-plugin-jsx-a11y: Static AST Checker for Accessibility Rules on JSX Elements toolsEthan Cohen
A Roundup of Vue.js-Supporting Mobile Hybrid App Frameworks tools A roundup of hybrid mobile frameworks supporting Vue.js
store.js 2.0: Cross-Browser Storage for All Use Cases code 2.0 is a full revamp with pluggable storage and extra functionality.Marcus Westin
Anchorme: Detects Links and URLs in Text and Converts Them to Links codeAlex Corvi
BigPicture.js: Lightweight Image / Video Viewer code Supports YouTube and Vimeo.Henry Dollman
How to find and fix the slowest code in your .NET application tools Find bottlenecks in your code or database boost performance with new ANTS Performance Profiler 9. Try Free.Red Gate  Sponsor

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