ChartistJSF: A Responsive Chart Library for Java Server Faces (JSF) Apps

ChartistJSF is a responsive and simple chart library forJava Server Faces (JSF) applications. ChartistJSF is based on Chartist.js, which is a lightweight and responsive JavaScript-based chart library. To be compatible with Java Server Pages applications, ChartistJSF is built on the top of PrimeFaces.
ChartistJSF offers several benefits when compared to other chart libraries. In ChartistJSF, styles and functionalities are separated, so there is a great deal of flexibility in maintaining charts. Another note about ChartistJSF is the use of SVG instead of canvas-based graphics. SVG graphics are more lightweight, have good presentation quality and, because of their XML-based structure, their elements can be easily manipulated using JavaScript and CSS. Moreover, by using the @media query of CSS (thanks to the separation of styles and functionality), charts are responsive and more controllable. Last but not least, ChartistJSF supports AJAX updates.