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JavaScript Weekly

Issue 325 — March 9, 2017

Analysing The Use of Outdated JavaScript Libraries
A thorough summary of a new academic paper that looks at the analysis of JavaScript used across 133,000 different sites. Tim Kadlec of Snyk also shared some insights on its findings.

Adrian Colyer

eslint-plugin-compat: Lint the Browser Compatability of APIs Used
For example, specify what browsers and versions you want to support, and it’ll warn you if your code uses unsupported features.

Amila Welihinda

Franc: Natural Language Detection in Pure JS
Uses a library of trigrams that are most popular in up to 375 languages, Franc works in both Node and the browser to detect natural languages used in a text. Demo here.

Titus Wormer

Using JavaScript Source Maps to Debug Errors, Better 👀
Let’s explore JavaScript source maps together, starting with the basics.
What are they? How to enable them? Why aren’t they working? Learn more.


Polymer 2.0 Release Candidate Released
Now considered feature complete, Polymer 2.0 is ready to test and try. A key focus has been on improved interoperability with other libraries and frameworks.

Dan Freedman

FPO: Functional Programming (FP) By Any Other Name
Kyle Simpson introduces FPO, a JavaScript library for functional programming that supports named-argument style methods.

Kyle Simpson

Lets Define My Favorite JavaScript Test
No, the title isn’t missing an apostrophe – Mike’s favorite test in Test262, the official test suite for ECMAScript, is really let twice. Intrigued?

Mike Pennisi

How V8 Made for…in Fast
A very technical and thorough look at how V8 has made ‘for in’ faster than ever.

Camillo Bruni

WebAssembly: Under The Hood with Mozilla
In just 7 minutes, Alon Zakai, originally the creator of the Emscripten LLVM-to-JavaScript compiler, explains what WebAssembly is all about.


Three Ways of Understanding Promises
Dr. Axel tackles promises in a very quick, straightforward way.

Dr. Axel Rauschmayer


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Sr. JavaScript / Ruby DeveloperSticker Mule is looking for passionate engineers to join our remote team. Come help us build the best e-commerce experience using Ruby, Rails, React, Node, Docker and more. Sticker Mule

Senior Front-End Developer at Catawiki (Amsterdam or Assen)Our mission is to make special items available to everyone. We offer a unique opportunity to join our team and improve the experience for millions of our users with an iterative, small-step approach through A/B testing. Catawiki

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In Brief
Marko 4.0 Released: eBay’s Component Based UI Library newsMichael Rawlings
Testing Routes in Angular 2 tutorialMatt Fehskens
10 Practical Use Cases for ES6 Proxies tutorialCsaba Hellinger
Refactoring Legacy JavaScript Code to Use Classes: The Good, Bad and Ugly An academic paper.Silva, Valente, Bergel
Workshop: Brian Lonsdorf’s Practically Functional Programming course Master monoids, monads and other algebraic abstractions to produce highly composable, safer, and simpler code.Forward Courses  Sponsor
An 11 Minute Introduction to Angular CLI videoYouTube
Previewing Mozilla’s WebAssembly Explorer video A look at a new tool to help developers understand and experiment with WebAssembly.Mozilla
Ace JavaScript Interviews: Scoping And Hoisting videoFox Reymann
Pinterest’s Utilities for Creating and Testing Service Workers toolsPinterest
A Jest Cheat Sheet toolsArtem Sapegin
Awesome Grid: A Curated List of Grid/Table Libraries tools
Depercolator: Tool for Converting CoffeeScript to Idiomatic JS and JSX toolsBugsnag
React InstantSearch⚡ Lightning fast search for web and native apps tools Algolia provides UI widgets and connectors (HOC) so you can build instant search in a few lines of code.Algolia  Sponsor
blurify.js: Image Blurring from JavaScript code
react2angular: Embed React Components in Angular 1 Apps codeCoatue
Angular Gauge: Customizable Gauge Directive for Angular Apps codeAshish Chopra
Element: A Vue 2.0 Based Component Library/UI Toolkit code
HyperApp: 1KB JavaScript Library for Building Modern UI Applications codeJorge Bucaran
webpack-blocks: Configure Webpack using Functional Feature Blocks codeAndy Wermke

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