Where Did Vue.js Come From?

The popularity of Vue.js has been climbing pretty fast. It hasn’t reached the levels of Angular or React yet, but in the year that the current VueJS repo has existed on Github, it has garnered approximately 2,700 watchers (more than Angular), 47,000 stars (more than twice as many as Angular and more than 3/4 of React’s). They also have more closed issues than React and only a tiny 58 open issues (compared to over 500 for React and over 1,000 for Angular). This obvious growth in popularity begs the question, “Why is Vue.js gaining so much ground despite having several great frameworks already?”, and likewise, “What does Vue.js offer that the other frameworks and libraries don’t?” You’d think that if you can answer the 2nd question, you’d have the answer to the first question, right? Well, the quick answer to the 2nd question is

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