Integrating Backand With Ionic Creator

On February 28th, Amazon Web Services had several issues that led to global outages in the AWS stack. This started at around 9:40 AM Pacific time, and was resolved by 2:00 PM Pacific. During this outage, many popular websites faced availability and functionality issues, as more than 30% of the web relies upon AWS for some aspect of its functionality. While major AWS outages are rare, when they happen they can be devastating. As such, we wanted to explore why the AWS outage was such a problem for many websites, and look at mitigation strategies to prevent the next failure. All Your Functionality Under One Roof One of the benefits of using AWS to manage your web application is that it gives you access to all of the functionality you need to provide scalable and robust storage. Let’s take a look at a sample architecture for a Ruby on Rails web application, built on top of AWS: