How to Manage Javascript Fatigue

What is JavaScript Fatigue?
Putting satire aside, JavaScript fatigue is on a lot of developers’ tongues and blogs recently, and with valid reason. But what does it mean to have JS fatigue? It’s often mentioned when someone hears about a new library, framework, dependency manager, build tool, etc. Let’s do a quick breakdown of what JS fatigue means.
JS Fatigue vs. Analysis Paralysis
JS fatigue is often linked with analysis paralysis (also called choice paralysis). JS analysis paralysis can occur because of the huge range of options when selecting a framework, tooling, testing suites, and more for a new application. Choosing the right framework or library can be challenging and occasionally even paralyzing, but having a wealth of tools at our disposal allows us to be more selective about what’s best for the job at hand. In some cases, options help us to avoid fatigue by supplying an ideal solution for a specific project.