Salaries for Storage and Networking Skills on the Rise

Storage and networking skills warranted pay increases among technology professionals across the country with hospitality, Internet, manufacturing, consumer products, and banking seeing the most industry-specific increases, according to the annual salary survey by Dice®, the leading career site for technology professionals. Overall technology salaries in the U.S. were essentially flat year-over-year (-1%), at $92,081 annually from $93,328* in 2015, with some areas across the country and specific skills areas seeing increases.
Highly-skilled technology professionals remain in the most demand, especially those candidates proficient in the technologies needed to support industry transformation and growth. For example, both the storage and networking sectors, the categories where Dice has found the most salary increases overall, are undergoing major disruption. The migration from hardware-based storage to cloud storage[1] and the explosion of IoT technologies connecting billions of devices (Gartner) are creating a demand for skills to support these transitions and growth. When industries experience transformation at this level, it creates skills demand and increased salaries.