Contributing to OSS Projects on GitHub Using Fork and Upstream

A little while ago, Damien Bowden wrote a pretty cool post about how to contribute to an open source software project hosted on GitHub, like AspLabs. He uses Git Extensions in his great and pretty detailed post. Also, a nice fact about this post is that he uses an AspLabs project as the demo project. Since we both worked on that project during the hackathon at the MVP Summit 2016, together with Glen Condron and Andrew Stanton-Nurse from the ASP.NET Team, I thought I’d write on it too! 
At that Hackathon, we worked on the HealthChecks for ASP.NET Core. The HealthChecks can be used to check the health state of dependent subsystems in a micro service environment, or in any other environment where you need to know the health of depending systems. A dependent system could be a SQL Server, an Azure Storage service, the Hard drive, a Web-/REST-Service, or anything else you need to run your application. Using the HealthChecks you are able to do something if a service is not available or unhealthy.