How to Go From Zero to Serverless with Backand, Part 4

With our app hooked up to a Backand application, we now have the world at our fingertips in terms of possible functionality. We can use the pattern we established in the last part of this tutorial (Part 3) in conjunction with the SDK to implement any type of functionality we desire. In this stop along the way, we’ll add a UI to create new to-do items, enable editing and deleting to-do items, and add some dynamic behavior to our jQuery UI.
Adding Creation
Now that we’re hooked up to the Backand SDK, adding to-do item creation is as easy as adding the UI for a new item and wiring it up to the SDK call needed. The Backand SDK provides backand.object.create() for this purpose. The create method wraps an HTTP POST call, which creates an object in a Backand application. Let’s add the code for that now: