Releasing Lib.AspNetCore.Mvc.JqGrid v1.0.0

A long time ago (according to the repository back in 2011) I made my first version of Lib.Web.Mvc public. The initial functionality was a strongly typed helper for jqGrid. In later versions, additional functionalities like Range Requests action result, CSP action attributes and helpers, HSTS attributes or HTTP/2 Server Push with Cache Digest attributes and helpers had been added, but the jqGrid support still remained the biggest one. So when ASP.NET Core was getting closer to RTM, this issue popped up. Now (14 months later) I’m releasing Lib.AspNetCore.Mvc.JqGrid version 1.0.0. As this is not just a port (I took the opportunity to redesign a few things) I’ve decided to describe the key changes.
Packages Organization
The functionality has been split into four packages: