How to Go From Zero to Serverless With Backand, Part 5

Now that we have the majority of our application’s functionality implemented, it’s time to get down into the details. In Part 4 of this series, we covered adding simple creation, update, and deletion of to-do items. In this post, we’ll build off of that functionality to add some dynamic display functionality, add authentication with our application, and restrict edits and updates to either the controlling user or to administrators. Once we’re ready, we’ll have a simple, user-restricted to-do list application with a full server component, ready to be deployed to a CDN and used by the world at large!
Adding Dynamic Behavior
Let’s start by tweaking our programmer-designed user interface some. We’ll notice that while we’ve gone to the trouble of adding a description for each to-do item in our data model, we don’t actually make use of this description anywhere. Let’s change this now. Currently, an individual item looks like the following: