Vue.js 2 Authentication Tutorial, Part 1

Vue.js was developed by Evan You, an ex-Google software engineer. Just before launching Vue.js 2.0, he started to work on Vue.js full time and as a result, Vue.js 2 is now significantly lighter, smaller in size, and faster. Currently, many popular products use Vue.js to build their user interfaces. Such platforms include Laravel Spark, Grammarly, Statamic, Laracasts, and more. There is a comprehensive list of projects using Vue.js on Github. Vue.js 2’s documentation is very detailed, and there is a vibrant community of users.
Vue.js 2, Angular 2, and React
Vue.js was inspired by AngularJS in its early days of development, thus making some of its syntaxes look very similar to AngularJS, e.g. v-show, v-if and v-for. Angular 2 came onto the scene with a completely new framework in terms of API design, underlying language, and many add-ons, which was initially disturbing for a lot of developers. Now Vue.js 2, despite being a full rewrite, made its API largely compatible with Vue.js 1.0, thus making it super easy for developers to transition from Vue.js 1.0 to 2.0. Whoop! Whoop!