Web Diary System for jQuery and C# MVC

This article describes using the very fine open source jQuery plugin, “FullCalendar,” by Adam Shaw to develop an appointment booking system. I will demonstrate numerous ways to use the plugin and show how it can integrate with an SQL Backend with Entity-Framework. The aim of this article is to give you almost everything you need, that you can tweak immediately, to bring diary/appointment functionality to your MVC application. This is a complete walk-through including setup of a linked EF database in SQL. I am going to use the Twitter Bootstrap framework to help speed things along. I am also going into a lot of detail to help those wishing to use the plugin to get started as fast as possible. The attached project is written in C# MVC 4. 
I was recently looking for a good reliable web-based diary plugin that would allow me to give a solid appointment management functionality to my apps. Apart from some commercial offerings, the most suitable solution open source plugin I found was FullCalendar. Get it here. The demo scenario will have the following functionality:

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