How to Allow a Request/Response Size Above 8KB

We have our current platform set up with Akamai as the CDN, Apache as the web server, and AEM as the content tool. We had to do real-time ID verification through Signicat — which returned a huge SAML. When we get this huge amount of SAML and try to pass it to our server to parse, we always find bad SAML; it was getting truncated after a certain number of characters (around 7,800). My initial assumption was that the browser was restricting the size and hence truncating, causing a “400 — Bad request from the server" error. I searched on the internet and did not find any credible solution to my problem. After researching I found that this issue is a server-side issue, as most web servers restrict request the size to 8KB. Initially, I thought just aone server was restricting — but I realized that all three servers were. 
If your request gets truncated due to its large size and you get "400 — Bad request from the server," this means that your web server, proxy, or content server is not able to handle a large amount of data. You will not find any logs in your application, as it is a server configuration issue. You need to increase the size of the server request.