5 Lessons I Learned From My Ruby on Rails Internship at Planet Argon

Five weeks flew by too quickly! Last Friday, our two interns from Epicodus had their last day with Planet Argon. During their time with our Rails development team, James and Tracie were able to work on real, live Rails applications. Along with building their technical programming skills, this internship allowed them to experience planning meetings, daily stand-ups, agile methodologies, and the tools agencies use to communicate every day. On his last day, James put together a list of five things he learned during his Rails internship with Planet Argon. Check them out!
1. Optimize the Speed of Your Rails App
Before interning at Planet Argon, I wrote apps that simply worked. Were they fast? Nope. To the naked eye they appear to be quick to load but scale it up and the whole thing slows down to a grinding halt. For you Rails programmers out there, use find_each instead of all, don’t ignore small things that might slow your app down (they start to stack up, trust me), and don’t be afraid to utilize your database to store data that would be quicker to retrieve than to re-evaluate, if appropriate.

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