#333: A New JS Optimization Tool, Headless Chrome and the ‘Elements of JavaScript Style’

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JavaScript Weekly

Issue 333 — May 5, 2017

Prepack: An Optimization Tool to Produce More Efficient JavaScript
Prepack optimizes JavaScript code by eliminating operations that can be done at compile-time. Imagine gcc with the optimization level turned up. Uses Babel under the hood.


Getting Started with Headless Chrome
‘Headless’ Chrome is basically Chrome running without any UI or visible controls, so is ideal for being remotely controlled from JavaScript for testing or taking screenshots, etc.

Eric Bidelman

Elements of JavaScript Style
Inspired by William Strunk Jr’s “The Elements of Style”, Eric Elliot adapts its principles for improving the written word to guidelines for improving your code.

Eric Elliot

Create data-intensive, feature-rich web and mobile apps with Sencha Ext JS
Learn how to design, develop and test data-intensive web apps that run on desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

Sencha, Inc.

A Look at ES6 Module Support in Browsers
Native module support is now in Safari 10.1, as well as behind config settings in Chrome 60, Firefox 54 & Edge 15. Jake explains what this means for front-end development.

Jake Archibald

pkg: Package a Node Project into an Executable
Want to run a Node-powered app on a system where Node isn’t installed? pkg makes it easier to distribute your apps by packaging Node and your app all in one.


Async Functions: Making Promises Friendly
Write promise-based code as if it were synchronous but without blocking the main thread. Not new but well worth revisiting, I found.

Jake Archibald


craigslist seeks JavaScript Developers (San Francisco, CA)Web devs with JavaScript, CSS, and HTML experience wanted to design and ship new features, and see them loved (or hated) by millions. craigslist

Frontend ConsultantUp for the challenge of making banking fun and exciting, whilst learning and working with our global clients? Join our Amsterdam office. Backbase

JavaScript Engineer (Node.JS)Exciting opportunity to join Envato on their journey to evolve the tech stack of one of the biggest e-commerce sites in the world. Envato

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In Brief
JSHeroes 2017 (Romania, June 8-9) Early Bird Tickets Available news
Jenn Schiffer at SIGNAL for A Tale of Glitch, Twilio, & the Power of Friendship news Each talk, each session, each line of code at SIGNAL is designed to help you hone your craft. After learning with your peers & wielding new Twilio tools, celebrate at $bash – the after party that will transport you to The World’s Fair of the Future.Twilio  Sponsor
A Look at Uses for a ‘flatMap’ Function tutorialDr. Axel Rauschmayer
Getting Started with Three.js for Building a 3D Scene tutorialJscrambler
Conditionally Adding Entries Inside Array and Object Literals tutorialDr. Axel Rauschmayer
Arrow Functions for Beginners tutorialBrandon Morelli
Patterns for Object Inheritance in ES6 tutorial Code reuse possibilities with ES6 classes, including implementing multiple inheritance..Tim Severien
A 20 Minute Introduction to Flow, the Static Type Checker videoBenjamin Reid
8 Bite-Sized Videos on Async JavaScript with async/await videoMarius Schulz
It’s the Future opinion “So I just need to split my simple CRUD app into 12 microservices, each with their own APIs…"CircleCI  Sponsor
Why I’m Moving on to Web Components and Not Looking Back opinionHacker Noon
Is Prepack Like Svelte? opinion Svelte is essentially a build-time/compiled UI framework.Rich Harris
prepack-webpack-plugin: A Webpack Plugin for Prepack toolsGajus Kuizinas
A Curated List of 85 ‘Awesome’ WebAssembly Links and Resources toolsMatteo Basso
Spector.js: A Framework For Troubleshooting WebGL Projects tools
Deploy a MongoDB replica set on AWS in minutes with MongoDB Atlas toolsMONGODB  Sponsor
jQuery Prove: A jQuery Plugin for Client-Side Validation of Forms codeDan Hollenbeck
vue-infinite-loading: An Infinite Scroll Plugin for Vue.js code
Forall.js: Expressive Static Types and Invariant Checks code Works in a run-time/macro-esque way.Victor Hernandes Silva Maia
Typefont: An Algorithm for Recognizing the Font Used on a Text codeVasile Pește
A ‘Masonry’ Image Layout Component for React Native code Don’t forget our React newsletter for more like this.Brandon Him

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