Why Should You Be Using Redux With Angular?

Quick Introduction: How to Implement Redux Into an Angular App
Redux is one of the coolest technologies in the front end development world today. Nevertheless, many people have no clue how to incorporate it into their applications or even why they should. In the first place, this post is a simple introduction to Redux. Also, we want to share how it can be added to an Angular application. Additionally, we will give some real examples of how Redux can be used to help you understand the value of this savvy technology in a simple and practical way!
Redux: One of the Hottest Libraries for Front end
In the case you’ve never heard of Redux, you may be wondering what exactly it is and why you should use it. Redux is one the hottest libraries for front end out there. Therefore, it is gaining more and more traction from developers in the industry every day, and transforming the way applications are built. At the same time, it enables a new way to conceive applications by using an unidirectional dataflow. As a result, this gives you better control over your application state and tools to eradicate issues associated with data mutability.

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