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Issue 334 — May 12, 2017

Britecharts: A D3.js-Based Client-Side Charting Library
Based on D3.js v4 and built around reusable components, Britecharts makes it easy to declaratively build charts and visualizations, such as this. There’s lots of info in this introductory post too.


Using the Fetch API (Instead of XMLHttpRequest)
The Fetch API is now supported in all mainstream browsers (except IE). It’s promise based and far more elegant than XMLHttpRequest. This is a very thorough intro.

Zell Liew

ES6 Module Support Now in Chrome Canary (M60+)
ES6/ES2015 modules are now natively supported in Chrome Canary behind the Experimental Web Platform flag. Here’s the basics of how they work.

Sam Thorogood

☁️🥊 Hey Front-End Devs …Master Full Stack with Jem Young!
Become a Full Stack Engineer and gain the confidence to master the command line and server.

Frontend Masters

Speed Racer: Collect Perf Metrics for Your Library/App
Like a test runner but for performance. It runs in Chrome (headlessly too, if you have the right version) and produces reports on your code’s execution.

Nicolas Gryman

Butternut: A Fast, Future-Friendly JavaScript Minifier
Still an alpha/work-in-progress but is significantly faster than other minifiers due to taking a unique approach. Also supports ES6 upwards.

Rich Harris

UPNG.js: A Fast PNG Decoder and Lossy Encoder in 520 Lines
First linked a month ago as a pure decoder, now it does lossy encoding too. Example output here.



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In Brief
Jest 20 Released: Facebook’s JavaScript Testing Framework newsFacebook
BrazilJS 2017 Call for Papers Open (for 2 Conferences) news In Porto Alegre (Aug 25-26) and Fortaleza (Sep 1-2).
Use AngularJS to Build a Fast and Secure Chat App PubNub gets your data anywhere in less than 0.25 seconds. It’s so easy with PubNub’s AngularJS library.PubNub  Sponsor
All About Recursion and Tail Calls in JavaScript tutorialLucas Fernandes da Costa
Writing Secure Node.js Code: A Write Up and Video tutorial nodeDanny Grander
Create an Animated Sticky Navigation Menu with Vanilla JS tutorialAlbert Senghor
Component Architecture Recipes for Angular’s Reactive Forms tutorialTodd Motto
Building an ‘Infinite Tube’ WebGL Demo with Three.js tutorialLouis Hoebregts
A Modern Way to Do E2E Testing for Vue.js Apps tutorialAlexander Moskovkin
Module Specifiers: What’s New with ES Modules? tutorialDr. Axel Rauschmayer
Building a Full-Sphere 3D Image Gallery with React VR tutorialSitePoint
What’s A Transducer? Some In-Depth Functional Fun tutorialReg Braithwaite
Analyzing React’s Source Code for Type Mismatch Operations tutorial Uses a Babel plugin called Runtyper to perform runtime type-checking.Vitaliy Potapov
An ‘Ultimate’ Atom Editor Setup for JS Development tutorial Tons of recommended packages here if you’re an Atom user.Elad Ossadon
Altering the DOM with JavaScript (For Beginners) tutorialZell Liew
How to find and fix the slowest code in your .NET application Find bottlenecks in your code or database & boost performance with ANTS Performance Profiler. Try it free now.Red Gate  Sponsor
Improving Webpack Build Times (Screencast + Transcript) videoMatt Surabian
10 jQuery-Powered HTML5 Audio Players toolsMichael Wanyoike
Reaction: A Real-Time Reactive, JavaScript E-Commerce Platform codeReaction Commerce
Elasticlunr.js: Lightweight Full-Text Search Engine for the Browser codeWei Song
A Vue.js Gantt Chart Plugin for Presenting Weekly Tasks codeLevin Van
Sticky Sidebar jQuery Plugin code Well documented, plus examples.Ahmed Bouhuolia
Proactively detect 🕵️ JavaScript errors and fix them for your users. 
Bugsnag  Sponsor

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