#336: npm 5.0 Released

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Issue 336 — May 26, 2017

npm 5.0 Released
The popular JavaScript package manager takes some big steps forward with significantly improved performance. It’ll also be included with Node 8, due next week.


V8, Advanced JavaScript, and the Next Performance Frontier
Seth Thompson of the V8 team gave a 40 minute talk at Google I/O about how V8 is going, recent performance improvements, etc. all backed up with diagrams and benchmarks.


The State of JavaScript Modules
An explanation and summary of the current state of various approaches.

Johannes Ewald

Use AngularJS to Build a Fast and Secure Chat App
PubNub gets your data anywhere in less than 0.25 seconds. It’s so easy with PubNub’s AngularJS library.


ORY Editor: A Customizable WYSIWYG Content Editor
A smart, extensible and modern WYSIWYG editor built with React, Slate.js and Redux.


Preact: Into The Void
A look at the internals of Preact, a tiny 3KB React alternative. Plus, Jason sheds light on fundamentals like JSX and Virtual DOM, and demystifies DOM diffing.

Jason Miller

Comparing Jasmine, Mocha, AVA, Tape and Jest
A look over five popular unit testing frameworks to help you decide which is best for you.

Ben Harding

This Week’s Node Weekly
Did you know we have a separate newsletter focused on Node? This week’s top items include Node.js Streams: Everything You Need to Know, Load Balancing Node Apps with NGINX and Docker and the Node 8.0 RC1 builds.

Node Weekly


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In Brief
Twilio Introduces ‘Functions’ to Serverlessly Script Their Services with JS news Upload JavaScript to handling incoming calls, text messages, etc.Twilio
Higher-Order Functions in Lodash tutorialMichał Piotrkowski
Managing Async Dependencies with fetch-inject tutorialJosh Habdas
Event Bubbling and Event Propagation Explained tutorialGiulio Mainardi
How To (Safely) Use a jQuery Plugin With Vue.js tutorial
How to Make a Simple JavaScript Quiz tutorialYaphi Berhanu
Highlight Text Within a String Using Angular and Regular Expressions tutorialNic Raboy
Build Faster. Test More. Fail Less. Easy CI/CD for JavaScript. The modern continuous integration and delivery platform that software teams love to use.CircleCI  Sponsor
You Might Not Need to Transpile Your JavaScript opinionAlex Ewerlöf
Why One Developer Chose ClojureScript Over JavaScript opinion
React vs Angular: Two Sides of JavaScript opinionCleveroad
Preact CLI: Create and Build Preact Apps More Easily toolsJason Miller
React Live: A Playground for Live Editing React Components toolsFormidable
Add Powerful UI Components to your React Apps with ExtReact tools Learn how to build data-intensive, cross-platform web apps leveraging over 115 Sencha components and React. Sencha, Inc.  Sponsor
ArrayCompress: Efficient Compression of Arrays to Strings code Useful if you need to store as string in a DB.Roger Beaman
Chromatism: A Simple Set of Utility Functions for Colors code Nice visual examples in the README.Graham Pegg
asm-dom: A Minimal Perf-Focused WebAssembly Virtual DOM codeMatteo Basso
Birdview.js: A UI Experiment to View an Entire Page at Once code Fits a visual ‘birds-eye’ overview of a web page into your viewport.Achraf Kassioui
Shift your deployment to MongoDB Atlas and get $100 in credit 
MONGODB  Sponsor

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