Generating Documentation With DocFX as Part of a VS Solution

I have a couple of small open-source projects out there. For me, the hardest part of getting such projects into a state which allows others to use them effectively is creating documentation – I only have enough discipline to put triple-slash-comments on the public API. In the past, I’ve been using Sandcastle Help File Builder to create help files based on that, but it slowly starts to feel heavy and outdated. So when Microsoft announced the move of .NET Framework docs to with information that it is being powered by DocFX, I decided this is what I would try the next time I had to set up documentation for a project. Also, based on my previous experience, I’ve set some requirements:

The documentation needs to be part of the Visual Studio solution.
The documentation should be generated on the build.
The documentation should be previewable from Visual Studio.

When Lib.AspNetCore.Mvc.JqGrid reached the v1.0.0 I had the opportunity to try to do this.