#337: An Introduction to Commonly Used ES6 Features

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Issue 337 — June 2, 2017

Node 8 Released
A new major release of Node is here with many significant updates including V8 5.8, npm 5, async_hooks, N-API.. See this week’s Node Weekly for a comprehensive roundup.

Node.js Foundation

Into The Great Unknown: Migrating from Mocha to Jest
A ‘tale of adventure’ in moving from the long standing Mocha test framework to Facebook’s Jest.

Patrick Hund

Production Progressive Web Apps with JS Frameworks
In this session from Google I/O, Addy Osmani covers PWA best practices, patterns for efficiently loading websites and the latest tools for getting fast and staying fast.

Google Chrome Developers

Want More Insight Into Errors Than New Relic? ✅
See how Rollbar pairs perfectly with New Relic to give you greater coverage + much more insight into application errors.


An Introduction to Commonly Used ES6 Features
If you’re not yet using ES6 on a frequent basis, this is a thorough introduction to seven of the most useful concepts.

Zell Liew

Microjs: The List of Micro-Frameworks and Micro-Libraries
It’s been around a while but has had a lot of updates recently.
Meteor 1.5: A Full Stack JS App Platform
1.5 brings dynamic imports, code splitting, and bundle size analysis. It’s still based around Node v4, but will move up to Node v6 in Meteor 1.6.

Ben Newman

The Modern JavaScript Tutorial
From the basics to advanced topics with simple, but detailed explanations.

Ilya Kantor


Frontend Consultant @ Backbase AmsterdamWe are looking for Javascript lovers who likes to travel, code and integrate our product at our worldwide located clients. Up for the challenge? Backbase

JavaScript Architect at LIQID (Berlin, Germany)LIQID is seeking a JavaScript Architect. The ideal candidate will drive the architectural innovation of LIQID’s web platform. LIQID Investments GmbH

Full-Stack Developer @ Workday (San Francisco)Build interactive video learning tools used by the world’s largest companies. Work with kind people in TypeScript (browser/Node). Apply here. Workday

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In Brief
Announcing TypeScript Support in Electron newsZeke Sikelianos
Assert(js): A Forthcoming JS Testing Conference in Texas news Currently just seeking speakers.
A Curated List of 68 React and Redux Tutorials, Walkthroughs and Courses 
Mark Erikson
How to Hire for JavaScript Development We hire awesome JavaScript developers. Learn how we identify, test, and hire for JavaScript.Code My Views  Sponsor
The Most Important Features and Fixes of Node 8 tutorialGergely Nemeth
Delivering Untranspiled Source Code via npm tutorialDr. Axel Rauschmayer
The Anatomy of a Modern JavaScript Application tutorialSitePoint
Managing State in Aurelia with Higher Order Components tutorialVildan Softic
WebAssembly: Mozilla Won opinion “I think WebAssembly is a big victory for asm.js and Mozilla’s vision.”Robert O’Callahan
Redux vs MobX: Which Is Best for Your Project? opinionMichael Wanyoike
Switching From React to Vue.js opinionAnthony Gore
Using terminal to view test results is a productivity killer tools You write code in your favorite editor, we run tests and deliver the results in realtime to the editor.Wallaby.js  Sponsor
Storybook 3.0: An Interact Dev Environment for React Components toolsMichael Shilman
vue-devtools: A Chrome DevTools Extension for Debugging Vue.js Apps tools It’s also on the Chrome Web Store.
O: An In-Browser Loader, Bundler and Dependency Injection Builder tools In progress and proof of concept, but the team wants to know what you think.GardenHQ
taxi-rank: A JSDom-Based Selenium Webdriver API code Uses Zombie under the hood.Forbes Lindesay
Nile.js: A P2P Live Video Streaming Library Built on WebTorrent codeMiranda, Qiu, and Pierson
Timelinejs: A jQuery Timeline Slider Plugin codeilker Yılmaz
vue-recyclerview: A Fast Way to Render Large Lists with Vue code
Picodom: A 1KB Virtual DOM Builder and Patch Algorithm code Handy for building your own view library, for instance.
micro-http-client: A ‘fetch’ Wrapper to Specify Common Request and Response Processing in a Single Location coderemerge GmbH
Have you tried MongoDB Atlas yet? 
MONGODB  Sponsor

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