Another Look at Instance-Level Properties in Python

A while back, I did a post on making instance-level properties in Python where the implementation of it required inheritance as well as messing with __getattribute__() and __setattr__(), which are a little dangerous to mess with. Then I had another idea last night (as of the time of writing this): Use normal descriptors to delegate to “Delegated Properties” (name taken from Kotlin, the original inspiration). These Delegated Properties can be designed very simply in a way that they only have to worry about the value of one instance, instead of figuring out how to store the value per instance.
A note before we begin: this was going to be my first article where I put type annotations on all of my Python code in order to help make it more readable. While typing up all the code to make sure this idea was viable, I did actually add type annotations everywhere but seeing that this idea is super generic with very few actually helpful type annotations, I decided to forgo them in this article. You can be sure that the next time I write a Python article, the code will be annotated.