#339: V8 6.0, Building an Android App with Vue, and ESLint v4

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JavaScript Weekly

Issue 339 — June 16, 2017

How to Get The Most Out of the Console
Most JS developers debug with console.log so why not learn more about what the console can do for you?

Darryl Pargeter

V8 Release 6.0 Now In Beta
It’s coming to Chrome 60, has SharedArrayBuffer support, and brings rest/spread properties on objects.

Seth Thompson

How to Build an Android App using Cordova and Vue.js
Rather than learn Android development from scratch, put your JavaScript skills to use with Cordova and Vue.js to build a basic ‘to do’ app.

Viraj Khatavkar

ForwardJS Tickets on sale today
Attend full-day hands-on React workshops and dozens of talks at ForwardJS San Francisco this July.


A Crash Course in Memory Management
An great three part series covering why memory management is important, using ArrayBuffers and SharedArrayBuffers in JS, and avoiding race conditions with Atomics.

Lin Clark

ESLint v4 Released
A pluggable and configurable linter tool for identifying and reporting on patterns in JavaScript. Here’s a migration guide.


What’s New with Node 8 and npm 5
If you haven’t dug into the new goodies yet, this is a good roundup of the latest developments on the Node ecosystem’s most important tools.

Prosper Otemuyiwa

Up and Running with Preact
A 12-part video course that starts with lessons on how to setup an app with Webpack and Babel and how to configure these tools for use with Preact.

Shane Osbourne


Front End Engineer at EDITED (London)Join us to impact how the world’s biggest retailers operate by making a web app with great UX and DX using React, Redux and Glamor. EDITED

Senior React Developer To Produce Video Course (Remote)A team of instructors who have ran a full-stack React bootcamp are seeking a JavaScript developer to produce a video-based course. Access Code

Travel enthusiast JavaScript addictBackbase is on the lookout for JavaScript addicts who’d like to work with clients from all over the world on a product that reaches millions of users. Keen to know more? Get in touch with us. Backbase

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In Brief
Kyle Simpson’s ‘Deep Foundations of JS’ Course in London news We’ve got Kyle back in London in four weeks’ time.White October Events
Angular 1.0 Turns Five Years Old newsChris Brandrick
EmberCamp London: A Full Day of Ember Talks (July 11) news
Angular 4.2 Now Available newsStephen Fluin
Announcing TypeScript 2.4 RC news Support for ES import() calls and string enums are key features.Microsoft
JSConf Belgium 2017 Is In 2 Weeks (June 29) news Great speakers and tickets are still available.JSConf Belgium
Using Source Maps to Debug Errors tutorial Let’s talk JavaScript Source Maps. What are they? How to enable source mapping? Why aren’t they working?ROLLBAR  Sponsor
19 JavaScript Shorthand Coding Techniques tutorialMichael Wanyoike
Using a C Library in JavaScript tutorial How a team compiled LibreOffice’s hunspell for use on the client side.Teamemo
A Curated List of 68 React and Redux Tutorials, Walkthroughs and Courses tutorialMark Erikson
Introducing FilterBubbler: A WebExtension Built using React/Redux story A text analysis toolkit using the new WebExtensions API.Mozilla Hacks
Test-Driven Development for JavaScript tutorial In this eBook we will explore the idea of practicing Test-Driven Development (TDD) for client-side JavaScript.Codeship  Sponsor
What’s Coming After ES6: The Future of JavaScript videoBrian Holt
Will Vue.js Become a Giant Like Angular or React? opinionBartosz Bilejczyk
Bonsai: An Open Source Webpack Analyzer toolsRyan Albrecht
Amplitude.js: A Modern HTML5 Audio Player with No Dependencies code521 Dimensions
ZangoDB: A MongoDB-Like Interface for HTML5 IndexedDB codeErik Olson
Dutier: A Small (1KB) Centralized State Management Solution codeLuis Vinicius
Collect.js: 76 Convenience Methods for Arrays and Objects code A similar API to Laravel Collections: chunk, flatten, shuffle, etc.Daniel Eckermann
js-joda: Immutable Date and Time Library code
Building a REST API Using Express.js tutorialMONGODB  Sponsor

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