Webpack and npm for Simple Java 8 Web Apps With Undertow

Java doesn’t have the best reputation when it comes to web development. Let’s face it, it’s a verbose language littered with large frameworks (they have their place, but not all tasks require a framework) that can be quite daunting to learn. It would be tough to argue against using a dynamic language such as Ruby or JavaScript when deciding to build a web application. They have great tooling, and dynamic languages tend to speed up web development productivity.
How large is the gap though? If an experienced Java dev wants to build a website/application should they learn a new language or possibly have a single page app with a Java-backed REST service? Or should they pick one of the many frameworks, like GWT, Vaadin, JSF, PrimeFaces, or one of many MVC frameworks? After exploring both single page application frameworks and Java frameworks, there seems to be quite a large learning curve, one that there isn’t time for. Why can’t we build a very quick server side rendered website for a quick MVP or even a full-size project?

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