Introduction to D3.js

D3.js is a JavaScript library used to render amazing charts based on data. It can be used to visualize stats and find patterns, show the comparison between two or more time-series data, draw the data in real-time as it happens (for example, data generated by various sensors or internet traffic), and even create cool dynamic art on web pages. How you use this library just depends on one’s imagination. To view a huge catalog of charts drawn by this library one can visit the official website of D3.js.
D3 is not a pre-built library composed of particular charts; instead, it’s a tool that can be used to create various charts — any chart you can envision). It uses SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) to draw the charts along with HTML and CSS. With D3 a dataset of tens of thousands of objects can be represented graphically easily. If you design your custom chart and you want to use a module in other charts then you can also create a module to reuse in other projects.