#343: The Main New Features of ES2017

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JavaScript Weekly

Issue 343 — July 14, 2017

Reverse Engineering One Line of JavaScript
A fascinating look at how a ray-casted checker board effect was implemented in a mere 101 bytes of JavaScript.

Alex Kras

The Main New Features of ES2017
The new features in the 8th edition of the EcmaScript specification including padStart, padEnd, Object.getOwnPropertyDescriptors and more.

Dor Moshe

Pell: A Simple, Small (3KB) WYSIWYG Web Text Editor
..with no dependencies. It’s essentially contentEditable with buttons and styling. Demo here.

Jared Reich

🤖 Learn Testing JavaScript Apps (Feat. testing React and Redux)
Join Kent C. Dodds to master the latest tooling (like Jest & Cypress) and techniques to test real-world React, Redux, and Node express apps.

Frontend Masters

npx: An npm Package Runner That Comes with npm
npm 5.2 introduces a new binary alongside the usual npm: npx, a tool to simplify using CLI tools and other executables hosted on the registry.

Kat Marchán

Generating Images in JS Without the Canvas API
.. for putting them into Android notifications locally. A powerful solution for a very specific situation, resulting in notably rich notifications.

Alastair Coote

A Look Into Pattern Matching in ECMAScript
There’s a stage 0 proposal for pattern matching in JavaScript, here’s a look at what it entails and how it may prove useful.

Nicolás Bevacqua


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Realtime developer – Node.js + preferable Go/ElixirWe’re a growing realtime platform solving truly complex distributed problems at huge scale. If you enjoy challenging your grey matter, apply. ABLY.IO

Senior Software Engineer – JavaScriptWe are looking for a Software Engineer with strong interest and experience in UI engineering who can help take our newest product, New Relic Infrastructure, to the next level.  New Relic

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In Brief
Attend the Polymer Summit, on 22-23 August in Copenhagen Attend talks & workshops to learn about how to build beautiful, fast mobile web apps with Polymer.Google, Inc.  Sponsor
Integrate TypeScript in Your Vue Project tutorialAlex Jover Morales
Emotion: The Next Generation of CSS-in-JS tutorialKye Hohenberger
HyperApp: The 1 KB JavaScript Library for Building Front-End Apps tutorial Jorge Bucaran introduces HyperApp, a tiny, 1kb library with a compact API, built-in state management, and unrivalled, small bundle size.SitePoint
Building a Live WebCam Face Detector using Node and OpenCV tutorialShahid Shaikh
Learn and Understand Recursion in JavaScript tutorial A walk-through of two popular JS recursion examples.Brandon Morelli
Creating WebVR Experiences with Babylon.js tutorialDavid Rousset
Get Started with Rust, WebAssembly, and Webpack tutorialIan J Sikes
Build a Simple Realtime App with Vue.js 2.0 and Pusher tutorialOlayinka Omole
Add Powerful UI Components to your React Apps with ExtReact Learn how to build data-intensive, cross-platform web apps leveraging over 115 Sencha components and React.Sencha, Inc.  Sponsor
What 10 Things Should a Serious JS Developer Know Right Now? opinionReddit
What I Learned About Vue.js from Building a Chrome Extension storyvuejs developers
An Angular 4 Crash Course in 60 Minutes video Starts from absolute scratch, so ideal for beginners.Brad Traversy
How Uber Uses JavaScript and Node.js video Uber is very strongly a Node shop for its Web-facing services.Dustin Whittle
Bundle Buddy: A Tool to Identify Bundle Duplication Across Splits toolsSam Saccone
v8py: Write Python APIs Then Call Them Within A V8 Context toolsTheodore Dubois
babel-preset-php: A Babel Preset to Convert PHP to JavaScript tools Mostly for fun at this stage and just does an AST to AST translation.Kornel Lesiński
“CircleCI 2.0 is fast. We reduced builds from minutes to 12 seconds.” 
CircleCI  Sponsor
DoppioJVM: A JVM in 100% JavaScript code
BotUI: A JavaScript Framework to Create Conversational UIs codeMoin Uddin
Babylon.js 3.0: A Framework for Building 3D Experiences code Here’s a demo of it in action.David Catuhe

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