Coder Frozen in 2009 Awakens to Find Front-End Development Not Awful

I’ve not seriously touched front-end code, in years. Frankly, it scares me. To that end “front-end devs are not real programmers” is totally BS. I want to talk about some of the recent changes in tooling and APIs that are available so that front-end development might not suck as much as it used to. You will not learn to be a CSS or JS guru with this post. If you’ve written much front-end code, this will be mostly full of face-palm level obvious statements. Therefore, feel free to read for the laughs.
I’ve been working at Heroku for 5+ years and I’ve not shipped a production feature that touched front-end code in that time. Prior to that, I kinda dabbled a bit, but mostly just mocked up other people’s interfaces. The last “real” website on which I was responsible for front-end development was probably circa 2009, and it was awful (both in experience and my designs).