Me on React: an old dog with new tricks

Over the years I’ve been consistently uninterested in using the new slew of frameworks and libraries that have been released. By no means is this because they’re bad at all, but because my particular kind of work didn’t require it. However, in the last 12 months I’ve made significant use of React and have even released a few client projects using it. So what’s changed for me? As someone who’s very much “pro vanilla" and bare-metal JavaScript, why have I changed my mind so significantly?
This post really isn’t for those developers out there who use tools like React daily (or Vue, Polymer, etc), but for those old dogs like me that have been resisting (for whatever reason) the new technology. Probably the old dog standardistas.This post is written for an earlier version of me. It doesn’t contain silver bullets or very much code, but hopefully it does put lay some of my previous fears to rest.