How to Use Progressive Web Apps to Build a Modern Mobile Web Experience

Designing a website which optimises user experience is a key consideration for consumer engagement and retention. Today, an increasing number of people are accessing the web through their mobile devices, so building a mobile web experience which is fast, reliable, and engaging is paramount for businesses. While many established companies and start-ups alike use native apps in addition to, or instead of, a website, Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) offer a mobile and desktop web experience that has faster loading times, uses less data, works in any network state, and engages users by immersing them in the experience. Below, Dean Hume, Chief Technology Officer of UK property tech startup, Settled, explains how PWAs can deliver strong efficiencies for businesses.
What Are PWAs?
PWAs are a set of features that leverage new, open web application programming interfaces (APIs) to offer a mobile web experience that loads fast, uses less data, and re-engages with users in multiple ways. Mobile network coverage in the UK is pretty good, but even 4G can be flaky at the best of times. PWAs allow consumers to access a web app whilst offline and also enable them to see features on the go.