Getting Started With Cucumber.js on Node.js

Cucumber.js is a Node.js library used for automation. Cucumber.js helps to test our site’s features using pure JavaScript and the Selenium WebDriver. So there is no longer the burden of installing jars and formatting the response and all sorts of time-consuming tasks like we used to do when writing automation scripts in Java using the Eclipse IDE. I am not comparing the power of Java with Node.js, but every language has its advantages and different learning curves. So, for getting a quick automation script working and impressing your colleagues, or for adding onto your resume for impressing your employer, let’s start coding and explore it.
Before getting started, you should be well aware of Node.js async antipatterns and promises. We will be using Node.js 6.9.4 and a module named selenium-cucumber-js which is a clean package that comes with the selenium driver for Node.js, as well as a reporting mechanism by default. Wow! That’s awesome, right?