Discovery of Node.js by a Java Developer

Hello everyone, first things first. My name is Dave Ranjan, I have been a Java Developer since the beginning of time (or so it seems). I always praised Java for how good it is.  I love how we can use Java in Android to make beautiful of apps, how it’s the first choice for enterprises, and I am fond of (mostly used to) the verbosity of Java. I have developed at least 15 projects using Java. And I am not afraid to say that Java puts food on my table.
Of course, I knew about other languages, I have done a few tasks here and there in Ruby and PHP. I had used JavaScript in my college days, and I was quite obsessed with document.getElementById(). Back then, Java was “the server side” language and JavaScript was used to manipulate stupid DOM elements. I was never a UI person, so I chose to stick with Java.