Setting Up Your Own Linux/.NET Home Web Server

I have created a small script, which will automatically setup everything for you, on an empty Linux Ubuntu server, in half an hour, to be able to run ASP.NET on Linux. For the record, my script is tailored to install Phosphorus Five, which is a home web operating system, but it could probably easily be modified to install your own ASP.NET application, with some tweaking.
The way I set it up on my machine, is on a dedicated Ubuntu Server, which then uses an SSL certificate from LetsEncrypt. Then I created a DNS “A" record for my domain, pointing to my external IP address, in my home. Effectively, this configuration, gives me a home web operating system, from where I can develop and install any apps I wish to install, and access my apps over SSL, from anywhere I might be in the world. The thing renders perfectly on any device, including smartphones, tablets, and laptops.