Bringing Touch Bar Support to the Atom Text Editor

Six weeks ago, I took the plunge into the wacky world of USB-C and Touch Bars and ordered a shiny new MacBook Pro. I have been a Mac user since about 1997, following the company through the dark days, CPU changes, and OS changes. But this recent wave of machines seemed to spark more outcry than anything before, I think mostly because a lot of users felt that Apple showed strong signs of abandoning its “pro" user base. I will get around to a full MacBook Pro review eventually, but in this article, I wanted to focus on a particular hardware feature used with a particular application.
Critics and customers have generally labeled the touch bar adorning the top of some new MacbBook Pro models as a dumb and failed idea, but like so many new features, when done right, it has its uses. As the number of applications that support it grows, its use also grows, and there are a handful of applications I use on a daily basis that I am still waiting on to support it.