AiA 158: Teaching Angular with Paul Spears and John Baur

Ward Bell
Joe Eames
Shai Reznik
Alyssa Nicoll
Charles Max Wood
Special Guests: 
Paul Spears and John Baur
Paul and John both work at Oasis Digital Solutions in St. Louis. Paul is the lead curriculum author for the Angular Bootcamp course.  Both, Paul and John teach Angular to companies, public, private, and offer consulting to their customers.
Paul and John speak about specific ways they approach teaching. Both teachers have a wide range of experience in teaching Angular. Paul and John speak about the most current best practices of teaching and learning Angular.
In particular, we dive pretty deep on:

Teach newcomers Angular, the proper approach.
Starting fresh with the Bootcamp as an already experienced developer.
You should know the basics of JS, HTML, CSS, etc.
Enterprise background?
Using dot net with Angular
How do you bring people along with single page apps, as they have different backgrounds
CLI and tooling to help get people moving along with Angular
Where do people get hung up?
EG Module
Dumping everything in one module or Lazy Routing
and much more!

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