The Lazy Developer’s Guide to Authentication With Vue.js

I’ll happily admit that like many of you, I’m a lazy developer. I tend to look for solutions someone else has already built before I try to build them myself. In the “old days” of the early 2000s, I used to spend a lot more time coding solutions myself. But today many solutions to coding problems are just a keyword search away. In that spirit, I approached this tutorial using keywords – looking for existing solutions first, then fitting my favorite solution on top of it. I think you’ll like the results!
When I started writing this article, I wanted to show you how to add authentication to a Vue.js app. I started learning Vue.js back in April while authoring my Front End Development for Back End Developers presentation. I bought a pro subscription to and watched Build Vue.js Apps with the Vue-CLI and Nuxt.js by @johnlindquist.