#356: Setting Up Webpack, Babel and React From Scratch

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JavaScript Weekly

Issue 356 — October 13, 2017

3rd Edition of ‘Eloquent JavaScript’ Announced
Marijn Haverbeke is working on a new edition of the perennially popular JavaScript book, but needs your help to fund it.

Marijn Haverbeke

Setting Up Webpack, Babel and React From Scratch, Revisited
An updated, detailed step-by-step guide for getting set up, following best practices and giving you a solid ground to start from.

Stanko Tadić

Get FlexGrid, the best JavaScript data grid: Fast, flexible, no dependencies
With no dependencies and a small footprint, Wijmo FlexGrid is built for speed and extensibility. You’ll get built-in, first-class Angular support, an Excel-like interface, sorting, globalization, filtering, group panels, and row details.

GrapeCity Wijmo

Taucharts One: A Mature Charting Library with a Simple API
Has a lot of features including timeline charts, value highlighting, and a sparkline mode for dense data.


A JavaScript’s Promise That Leaks Memory (and Why)
What you can do about memory leaks in recursive loops.

Alexandru Nedelcu

Nrwl Nx: A Toolkit for Enterprise Angular Applications
An opinionated, open-source toolkit for building Angular-based apps using patterns that suit enterprise-style development.

Victor Savkin

ProseMirror 1.0: A Toolkit for Building Rich Text Editors

ProseMirror, which lets you bridge the gap between Markdown-style text editing and classical WYSIWYG editors, has reached a key milestone.

Marijn Haverbeke


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In Brief
Announcing TypeScript 2.6 RC newsMicrosoft
Next.js 4 Released: A Framework for Universal React Apps news With performance and styling upgrades.ZEIT
Webinar: Build Better React Apps Faster with Kendo UI for React news In this webinar we’ll show you the power of Kendo UI and how easy it is to use it in your React development.Kendo UI  Sponsor
Redux Explained in 30 Seconds tutorial About as tight an explanation as you could hope for.Ross Creighton
How to Use ES6 Arrow Functions to Make Your Code Easier to Read tutorial Both written and video form, however you prefer to learn.Tyler McGinnis
The 2 New Features in ES7 and How They Work tutorialTiago Lopes Ferreira
How The JS Event Loop and Async Programming Works tutorial Perfect if single thread/event loop/blocking concepts are new to you.Alexander Zlatkov
Step Up Your JavaScript: A Comprehensive Guide to Intermediate JS tutorial Advance your understanding of JavaScript. Be able to answer interview questions that stump many developers.Educative  Sponsor
How We Run NPM Packages in the Browser storyMagnus Holm
Regexly: A WYSIWYG Regex Playground for JavaScript Developers toolsChipto
date-fns: A Modern JavaScript Date Utility Library code It’s essentially ‘lodash for dates’.Lesha Koss et al.
ST: JSON Selection and Transformation Methods code Adds methods to the JSON object for powerful JSON filtering or transformation.
handorgel: Accessible Web ‘Accordion’ Widget Written in ES6 codeManuel Sommerhalder
Smooth Scrollbar: Customizable, High Performance Scrollbars code If you want more control over your page’s scrolling..Dolphin Wood
MapTalks.js: A Light Library to Create Integrated 2D/3D Maps code Play with some examples here.
luma.gl: A JS WebGL2 Framework for Data Visualization codeUber
Vue-Model: A Model Component for Vue.js code Transform plain data into models with HTTP actions, computed properties, and methods.Aaron Francis
A JavaScript Tetris Clone in Under 512 Bytes code Readme/repo here (explains some of the tricks used).Rebecca and JS Codegolf Team
JavaScript Telemetry: Black Box Recorder for App Crashes 
Rollbar  Sponsor

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