The Basics Of API Management

I am developing a basic API management strategy for one of my client’s API. With each area of their API strategy, I am taking what I’ve learned monitoring the API sector, but pausing for a moment to think about these lessons again, and then applying them to their operations. Over the years, I have separated out many aspects of API management, distilling it down to a core set of elements that reflect the evolution of API management as its evolved into a digital commodity. It helps me to think through these aspects of API operations in general, but also applying what I’ve learned to a specific API I am working on, helping me further refine my API strategy advice.
API management is the oldest area of my research. It has spawned every other area of the lifecycle I track on but also is the most mature aspect of the API economy. This project I am working on gives me an opportunity to think about what API management is, and what should be spun off into separate areas of concern. I am looking to distill API management down to: