#358: The V8 Engine, Today and in the Future

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Issue 358 — October 27, 2017

V8 Release 6.3: Speed and New ES Features
The latest branch of the V8 engine will make its first appearance in Chrome 63. Performance increases are the order of the day, plus three ‘stage 3’ ECMAScript features.

Michael Hablich

Creating HTML Web Components with Vanilla JS
While native Web Component support isn’t 100% yet, polyfills are available, and this tutorial walks through what’s involved to create your own HTML tags as components.

Ayush Gupta

The 14 JavaScript Debugging Tips You Probably Didn’t Know
Debug your JavaScript with greater speed and accuracy using these lesser-known tips and tricks.


Mocking is a Code Smell
“Don’t waste your time wedging dependency injection into your app so you can mock the whole world. Chances are very good that it’s hurting you more than it’s helping.”

Eric Elliott

Apollo Client 2.0: A Way to Manage App State with GraphQL
Describe your data requirements with a GraphQL query, and Apollo Client manages the rest. Works with React, Angular, Vue, etc, and used by numerous large companies.

James Baxley III

Getting Started with Webpack: Source Maps
There’s a growing divide between what we write as code and what ships to users. Source maps provide access to the original source when debugging compiled apps.

Abraham Williams

V8 Today and in the Future
Thomas Nattestad explores what recent changes to the V8 engine mean for JavaScript performance and how the V8 team evaluates improvements against the real world.

Google Chrome Developers

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 ActBlue Technical Services

Frontend Engineer at Senseye, Angular+Typescript, RemoteJoin Senseye, a growing startup using machine learning to predict when machines will fail for the industrial IoT. Senseye

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In Brief
JS Kongress 2017: The Future of JavaScript (Nov 13-14, Munich) news Two days on the future of JS (inc. WebAssembly and tooling). Topics include frontend architecture, webpack, React, Perf, etc.JS Kongress
JSConf Iceland 2018: CFP Open Till October 31 news
Codeship Ranked Amongst Top 5 Continuous Integration Vendors by Forrester 
Codeship  Sponsor
Easy i18n in 10 Lines of JavaScript tutorial A fun little use for template literals.Andrea Giammarchi
Parser Creation in JavaScript Made Easy with Ohm tutorialPatrick Dubroy
Debugging React Like a Champ with Visual Studio Code tutorialJames Jeffery
Screen Capture in Google Chrome tutorial Learn how to access the screen capture capabilities of Google Chrome from within a web app.Twilio  Sponsor
Build a Collapsible Tree Menu with Vue.js Recursive Components tutorialAnthony Gore
Consuming Remote Data via HTTP in a Vue App tutorialNic Raboy
Creating an Animated Fractal in 32 Lines of JavaScript tutorial
What is RxJS? And Why You Should Know About It tutorialBen Lesh
Linear Algebra in JavaScript with Matrix Operations tutorialRobin Wieruch
Predix.io Connects Edge to Cloud, Operator to Analyst Predix helps you develop, deploy, and operate industrial apps at the edge and in the cloud. Sign up for today.GE Digital  Sponsor
fasy: FP Iterator Helpers That Are Async/Generator Aware codeKyle Simpson
websocket-as-promised: A Promise-Based API for WebSockets codeVitaliy Potapov
push.js: A Compact, Cross-Browser Solution for Desktop Notifications codeTyler Nickerson
graphql.js: A Simple and Isomorphic GraphQL Client codeFatih Kadir Akın
rmodal.js: A Simple 1.2 KB Modal Dialog with No Dependencies codeIskren Slavov
Strapi.io: A Node.js Headless Content Management Framework code Ideal for building APIs. GitHub repo.
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