Best Practices With React and Redux Web Application Development, Part 2

Welcome back! If you missed Part 1, check it out here! 
Consider the Fetch API Instead of jQuery Ajax. Also, Be Aware of Failed to Fetch
The fetch API is the latest standard for making asynchronous calls in the browser. It’s very nice in that it uses the Promise API and provides a much cleaner experience for the developer. See MDN for an overview. We use this GitHub repo in which we have wrapper functions to call fetch where we generically type the calls and verify authentication.


Simple Patterns for Separation (Better Than Color Alone)

Color is pretty good for separating things. That’s what your basic pie chart is, isn’t it? You tell the slices apart by color. With enough color contrast, you might be OK, but you might be even better off (particularly where accessibility is concerned) using patterns, or a combination.

Patrick Dillon tackled the Pie Chart thing
Enhancing Charts With SVG Patterns:
When one of the slices is filled with something more than color, it’s easier to figure out [who the …

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