Is Good UX Research Dead?

UX has become hot, there’s no doubt about it. Some describe it as design thinking, others as user-centered design, but no matter what you call it, it will be a major force for years to come.
In the past, the tech world was all about software engineering and what code could do. But now, coding is becoming increasingly commoditized; it is the consumer interface of the technology that matters most. It makes sense. The face dictates the brand experience, customer acceptance, and ease-of-use; influences support cost; and directly impacts sales. If you look at all the hot tech from the last few years — Alexa, Facebook, wearables, voice recognition, VR, Twitter, etc. — they all have simple and understandable user interface concepts. It matters, not least because countless studies tell us that the number one reason for consumers abandoning at any given time with any given digital product or service is a poor user experience.