Node.js vs Ruby on Rails: Which Is the Best for Web Development?

Hi, guys, in this article we’re going to compare Node.js versus Ruby on Rails for web development. The main reason I wrote this article is that our team is constantly being asked which language or which framework is best to learn. Anyway, we never give a simple answer because they aren’t the clear-cut answer. So I think the next best thing is to look at all the facts and statistics. We’re going to take a look at some of the advantages and some of the disadvantages of both Node.js and Ruby on Rails for server-side technologies. Before we begin, I’d like to make a couple of points. So we can already hear the critics saying how are you going to compare Node.js that is a runtime to Ruby on Rails that is a framework? I get the argument, but what I’m going to compare is the two server-side technologies and web stacks. Now let’s get clear on what’s better to learn right now and what’s better to implement for a business. I’m not saying to compare straight up features of Ruby on Rails to Node.js if it makes you feel better to replace Node.js with something like Express or some other Node based frameworks. Anyway, we compare backend structures and stacks, not the individual technology. Our team has worked with both technologies and some of us like both technologies. I’m not promoting one over the other. It’s also important to understand what works for us may not work for you and vice versa. Also, you should remember that everyone’s brain is different. There is no cookie cutter answer for this question.
Let’s go ahead and get started with looking at some of the similarities between both technologies.

Popular Server-Side Technologies.
Fairly easy to learn.
High performance.
Used by top websites/applications.
Strong community.
Similar MVC based structure.
Rapid Development.

Both Node.js and Rails are well respected and popular server-side technologies that can do many different things. They can work with many different stacks and databases and so on. Both are fairly easy to learn. Node uses JavaScript and Rails uses Ruby. But Ruby and JavaScript are easier to learn than something like Java, C# or some of those higher-level languages. They’re both pretty forgiving languages and there’s a ton of resources for learning them. Node.js and Ruby on Rails perform really well and we’ll talk about the level of performance. There are many examples of popular websites that use both technologies. Node and Rails have very strong and opinionated communities.