#360: How Redux Can Make You A Better Developer

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JavaScript Weekly

Issue 360 — November 10, 2017

How the V8 Team is Using a New ‘Web Tooling Benchmark’
You know when hardware reviewers benchmark against Photoshop and games? This is a look at a new, similarly practical performance test for JavaScript engines.

Benedikt Meurer

A Summary of New Angular 5 Features
A look at some of the most important changes to Angular, as well as pointers on upgrading.


Error Logging in Angular 2 with `ErrorHandler`
Error handling is one of those things no one wants to deal with, well in Angular you can create a global handler and never have to worry again. Here’s how.


An ES Proposal: ‘import.meta’ for Module Metadata
Proposes a way for modules to more easily make metadata about themselves available via an import.meta object.

Dr. Axel Rauschmayer

A Curated Compilation of Node Best Practices
Curated from numerous popular articles this in-development list of best practices covers topics from error handling to memory use.

Yoni Goldberg

How Redux Can Make You A Better Developer
If adopted, Redux has the potential to totally change your approach to writing code and organizing applications.

Danijel Vincijanovic


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In Brief
So What’s New in Node.js 9? newsGergely Nemeth
A Feature Watch on ECMAScript 2018 (Updated) newsDr. Axel Rauschmayer
The Road to Learn React: Learn by Building Hacker News App 12,000+ students read the Road to Learn React. This interactive course is a complete roadmap to master React.Educative  Sponsor
Using a Router To Navigate Between Pages in a Vue.js App tutorialNic Raboy
Playing with 2D Physics with Matter.js tutorial Some pointers on getting started with Matter.js.Will Boyd
Async/Await Explained By Way of a Clear Example tutorialBrandon Morelli
What’s New in Angular 5: Animations tutorialNetanel Basal
Working with async/await and Loops tutorialAnton Lavrenov
Basic Debugging from the Chrome DevTools Console tutorialMichał Witkowski
Creating a Star to Heart Animation with SVG and Vanilla JS tutorial A step-by-step how-to for smooth transitions from one shape to another.Ana Tudor
A Much Faster Way to Debug Code Than with Breakpoints or Console.log Wallaby catches errors in your tests and displays the results of expressions right in your editor as you type.Wallaby.js  Sponsor
Ask HN: Which TypeScript Codebase Should I Study to Get Better? opinionHacker News
Ask HN: Is Meteor.js Still A Thing? opinion A lengthy discussion on whether using Meteor.js in production is still worthwhile.Hacker News
The Most Clever Line of JavaScript? story Well, it’s an intriguing line at least.Seva Zaikov
Advanced Static Types in TypeScript: A Course videoMarius Schulz
Webpack Monitor: A Tool for Monitoring Webpack Optimization Metrics toolsJon Roach, Gordon Yu, Balal Zuhair
js2flowchart: Create SVG Flowcharts from JavaScript Code tools Turns your code into flowcharts in a variety of ways so you can more easily analyze or explain what’s going on.Bohdan Liashenko
“CircleCI 2.0 is fast. We reduced builds from minutes to 12 seconds.” toolsCircleCI  Sponsor
voxelengine3: A Three.js-based WebGL Voxel Engine codeMagnus Lallassu
Noel: A Replayable Event Emitter codeJoel Hernandez
Emergence.js: Detect Element Visibility in The Browser codeChristian Miller
DraftJS Plugins 2.0: Lots of New Rich Text Editor Extensions code Draft.js is a framework for building rich text editors in React.Nik Graf

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