WCF vs Web API: What to Choose for Your Project

When comparing WCF vs Web API, it is really hard to make a choice. These frameworks often overlap each other in terms of functionality and approach. It goes without saying that the final decision between these technologies will have a great impact on the project in the long-term. In this article, we will explore the key features and use-cases of WPF and Web API to help you make sure that the selected technology will suit your development needs best.
Web API Fundamentals
The framework, ASP.NET Web API, is used to develop HTTP services that can be used by clients using mobiles, browsers, and tablets. It’s similar to ASP.NET MVC because it is comprised of MVC features such as routing, controllers, filter, action results, IOC containers, model binders, and dependency injection. It isn’t a part of the MVC Framework, though. It’s an aspect of the core ASP.NET platform which can be used with MVC and similar web applications such as ASP.NET WebForms. It can also act as an individual web services application.

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