React 16 Release: What’s New?

ReactJS is a JavaScript library, built and maintained by Facebook. At the time of writing, ReactJS has over 78,000 stars on GitHub. And many web platforms such as Twitter, Airbnb, Lyft, Dropbox, Pinterest, Whatsapp, and Instagram use ReactJS to build their user interfaces. The ReactJS  developer community is very robust. In fact, the community is so robust that when Facebook decided to implement the BSD+ Patents license, there was a public outcry from the community. The complaints from developers were on every other blog and forum as well as at meetups and conferences. Developers and software shops around the world are pretty excited and relieved that ReactJS  has been re-licensed under the MIT license.
ReactJS 16 was announced to the world on September 26, 2017. Facebook has been working on releasing this new version for a while now. It’s great that there is a new release, bu tReactJS  16 is a very special release. What’s exciting about this new ReactJS  release is the fact that it was entirely rewritten from scratch while ensuring that the public API remains unchanged. This major release brings a lot of new features, deprecations, and changes.