Rangle at AngularConnect 2017!

AngularConnect, Europe’s largest Angular conference, took place on November 7 and 8 in London, England. As the premium sponsor, Rangle had the honor of being the keynote presenter during the second day of the conference. Our CTO, Yuri Takhteyev, took the stage to share the thrilling story of how far both Angular, the leading open source JavaScript application framework, and Rangle had come in the past four years.
“Rangle.io and Angular sort of grew up together and we’ve been working with Angular before it was mainstream. The first thing we did when we started the company was to really put a lot of effort promoting Angular in Toronto,” he said. “We went all in and we’ve worked with the Angular team on Augury, the debugging tool, we have done a lot of training and jumped into doing a lot of Angular 2 projects before it was cool.”
Yuri didn’t spend too much time focusing on the adventurous and successful past, instead he channeled his passion and energy to encourage the crowd to stay forward thinking.
“It’s been fun, fun times and now, Angular is ready for production so I have a question for all of you, What amazing things will you build with it?” he asked to a full house of Angular experts and enthusiasts.
Coffee-powered meaningful conversations
The Rangle team met several hundred techies from all over the world, gave away 100 pairs of socks (just in time for winter), and our baristas served 12 kilos of coffee! More importantly, our team of experts got to hear excitement around Augury–the most used developer tool extension for debugging Angular applications–and the many Angular projects we’re currently working on.
Feeling like you missed out? Don’t sweat it, you can watch Yuri’s talk as well as access all the different streams from the conference below.

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See you in London next year!

Link: http://blog.rangle.io/rangle-at-angularconnect-2017/