A Concise Comparison of JavaScript Web Frameworks

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JavaScript Weekly

Issue 362 — November 24, 2017

A Concise Comparison of JavaScript Web Frameworks
An 11 part series comparing Aurelia, Ember, Dojo, Vue, React and Angular reaches its conclusion by looking at the pros and cons of each.

Kit Kelly

A Look at Angular Code Alongside Vue Code
Writing the same app in Angular & Vue and comparing both the similarities and differences.

John Papa

Fix JavaScript Bugs Like a Boss 🛠
Instantly know whats broken and why. Get real-time monitoring, alerting, analytics for JavaScript errors. Learn more.


A Look at Dynamic ‘import()’
Dynamic import() is a new function-like form of import, but why could it be useful? Currently in beta versions of Chrome and Safari only.

Google Developers

AWS Amplify: Access Cloud-Based Services from Frontend and Mobile JS Apps
A new library that provides a declarative way to perform common tasks against cloud-based services (AWS for now, but it’s open to be extended to support other services).

Amazon Web Services

React Spreadsheet Grid: An Excel-Like Grid Component
Complete with custom cell editors, keyboard control support, and resizable columns. Demo.

Denis Raslov

An Intro to Scrollama.js for Telling Stories Through Scrolling
The what, why, and how behind using a library for efficient ‘scrollytelling’ that uses IntersectionObserver in favor of scroll events.

Russell Goldenberg

Taming Architecture Complexity in V8
An introduction to CodeStubAssembler (CSA), a component in V8 that “has been a very useful tool in achieving some big performance wins over the last several V8 releases”.

Mathias Bynens

In Brief
Submit Your Article/Tutorial to our 66K Follower Medium Publication news DailyJS is our Medium publication, currently with 66K followers. We’re happy to receive submissions.Chris Brandrick
77% of 433,000 Sites Use Vulnerable JavaScript Libraries news The results of an open source security report.Tim Kadlec
A Free ‘Intro to Node.js’ Course from Microsoft courseBenjamin Lin and Azat Mardan
Developing Real-Time Apps with Meteor tutorial How to use Meteor to build a real-time web app and add authentication to it.Prosper Otemuyiwa
Implementing Functors and Monads in JavaScript tutorialRubens Pinheiro Gonçalves Cavalcante
Using Angular Components with Third-Party Libraries tutorialNetanel Basal
How to Handle Errors with Try, Throw, Catch, and Finally tutorialBrandon Morelli
Passing Data Between Routes in a Vue.js App tutorialNic Raboy
PureScript: Tomorrow’s JavaScript Today? video A tour of a strongly-typed functional language that compiles to JS.Kris Jenkins
Why We Have Banned Default Exports in JavaScript and You Should Do The Same opinionKrzysztof Kaczor
A Much Faster Way to Debug Code Than with Breakpoints or Console.log Quokka catches errors & displays the results of expressions as you type. Community edition is free as in beer.Wallaby.js  Sponsor
synp: Convert yarn.lock to package-lock.json and Vice Versa tools Handy if your team ends up flip-flopping between Yarn and npm, say.Aram Drevekenin
G2: A ‘Grammar’ for Building Data-Driven Visualizations codeAntV Team
Introducing the Amazon DynamoDB DataMapper for JavaScript codeAmazon Web Services
Reframe.js: Reframe Unresponsive Elements Responsively codeDollar Shave Club
imaskjs: A Vanilla JavaScript Input Mask code Covers formats like dates and phone numbers, but also regexes.
UPNG.js: Now Even Better PNG Minification code It’s 6x faster than before and creates better palettes for dithering.Photopea
Z: Pattern Matching for JavaScript code Though not quite the same as the official ES pattern matching syntax proposal.

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