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JavaScript Weekly

Issue 363 — December 1, 2017

An Introduction to Speculative Optimization in V8
A low-level look at what V8’s Turbofan optimizing compiler does behind the scenes to get your code running faster.

Benedikt Meurer

JS Performance Optimization Tips: An Overview
From environments, response times, context, parsing, compiling and executing, to bundle sizes and shipping less code.

Ivan Čurić

Kyle Simpson’s JavaScript courses — 🔥 Free This Weekend Only
Upgrade your skills this weekend with Kyle Simpson’s JavaScript courses: Deep JS Foundations, ES6: The Right Parts, Functional-Lite, and more. 🚀 Don’t delay — courses are only free through Monday.

Frontend Masters

Vuetron: A Vue and Vuex Testing and Debugging App
Built with Electron, Vuetron is a Vue-oriented debugger that lets you navigate between states, monitor state changes and API requests, etc.


What is ReasonML?
Looking for something to do this weekend? Consider noodling with ReasonML, an OCaml-inspired language that compiles to JS. Dr. Axel has a getting started post, and Keira Hodgkinson has a great 25 minute introduction video.

Dr. Axel Rauschmayer

Getting Started with Aurelia
A practical 30 minute introduction to Aurelia, a popular modular frontend framework that integrates with Web Components.


The Modern JavaScript Tutorial
A well-presented guide covering most of JavaScript in detail. A handy refresher.

Ilya Kantor

I Slipped on JavaScript’s Banana Peel
A standards-themed tale of what can happen if you spend a lot of time working with the details of the ECMAScript spec.

Mike Pennisi


craigslist seeks JavaScript Developers (San Francisco, CA)CL seeks JS developers to join our small (~50) team. Come help us save the world, or at least our corner of the Internet. craigslist

Software Engineer – Web Clients, ReactJS+ReduxJoin a growing engineering team that builds highly performant video apps across Web, iOS, Android, FireTV, Roku, tvOS, Xbox and more! Discovery Digital Media

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In Brief
Building a Simple Regex Engine in Under 40 Lines of Code tutorialNick Drane
An Introduction to ES6 Template Literals tutorialSarah Chima
Scaffolding a GraphQL API Server with Node tutorial nodeTom Lagier
The Practicalities of Contributing to ECMAScript tutorial Want to work on the standard? Here are the processes involved.TC39
A Story of pgrading An Angular App From 1.6 to Angular 4 tutorialAbou Kone
Implementing the Sieve of Eratosthenes in JavaScript tutorialBen McCormick
Using Nested Child Routes in a Vue App tutorialNic Raboy
Building a Voice-Activated Movie Search App Powered by Amazon Lex, Lambda, and MongoDB Atlas (Part 1) tutorialmongodb  Sponsor
What Types of Project Aurelia Works Well For opinionSean Hunter
React Food Truck: A Curated Set of VS Code Extensions tools Several useful React extensions together in a single bundle.Burke Holland
Sencha Ext JS: Build an App, Not a Framework tools With Ext JS you only have to develop your app once for multiple platforms and devices, try it free.Sencha, Inc.  Sponsor
Rapid.js: An ORM-Like Interface and Router for Outgoing API Requests code Create chainable API wrappers by defining models and routes.
Lite Editor: A Modern WYSIWYG Editor Focusing on Inline Elements codeappleple
Literally Canvas: An HTML5-Based Drawing Widget code
Telemachy: Easy ‘Guided Tours’ for Angular Apps codeCode Orange
Superstruct: A Simple, Composable Way to Validate Data code Designed for validating data at runtime with a type annotation API inspired by TypeScript and Flow.Ian Storm Taylor
Wijmo Typescript UI Controls Support Angular 5. No Dependencies. code Wijmo’s UI components include Angular v5 support, full IntelliSense, and the best JS grid available.
GrapeCity Wijmo  Sponsor

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