Trying BitBucket Pipelines With ASP.NET Core

BitBucket provides a continuous integration tool called Pipelines. This is based on Docker containers which are running on a Linux-based Docker machine. In this post, I want to try to use BitBucket Pipelines with an ASP.NET Core application.
In the past, I preferred BitBucket over GitHub because I used Mercurial more than Git. But that changed five years ago. Since then, I’ve used GitHub for almost every new personal project that doesn’t need to be a private project. But at my company, YooApps, we use the entire Atlassian ALM Stack including Jira, Confluence, and BitBucket (we don’t use Bamboo yet because we also use Azure a lot and we didn’t get Bamboo running on Azure). BitBucket is a good choice if you use the other Atlassian tools because the integration to Jira and Confluence is awesome.